Session 1, God and Leadership

Growth Projects – work on these until our next large group meeting.

Head – Attributes of God

  • Read Scripture – Exodus 33:12—34:10; Psalm 19 & 145.
  • Read – Chapter 2 in Wayne Grudem’s Christian Beliefs on God’s character.
  • Write – a prayer of praise to God, weaving in the attributes that stand out to you.

Heart – Awe of God

  • Read – J.I. Packer article on “The People Who Know Their God.”
  • Read – Paul Tripp’s chapter 3 “Ministry” in his book Awe.
  • Write – your answers to the following: Are you living with a healthy awe of God? How does your ministry reflect these six principles of ministry fruit that result from an awe of God? How can fears in your life and ministry be addressed with a healthy awe of God? To review the principles of ministry fruit, Doug’s Session Notes

Hands – Stewardship of God’s Resources: Time and Money

  • Read – Biblical Productivity by C.J. Mahaney
  • Application: Take a fresh look at your life in relation to stewardship and God’s priorities. Are there any changes or new goals you would like to make regarding your time, money, or use of abilities?


For Further Study (optional)

  •  For deeper study in Grudem, read Bible Doctrine chapter 4 and 5 on God’s Attributes. Order book HERE.
  •  A helpful youtube clip of Tripp explaining Awe is HERE
  • Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer
  • David Platt’s outline on the “The Greatness and Goodness of God” from Secret Church “Who is God?”  You can also watch his talk on Youtube and follow along with the outline. It is called “Secret Church: Who Is God? Part 3” (you can also access all the sessions and notes HERE)
  • Bruce Ware’s teaching at, understanding theology course, lecture on the attributes of God. LINK
  • Managing God’s Money by Randy Alcorn
  • Time Well Spent by R.C. Sproul
  • Getting things Done by David Allen. Also great podcast through EntreLeadership #184
  • Helpful free graphic from Visual Theology.