Studies on Books of the Bible


My Studies

  • 1 and 2 Peter Inductive Study
  • This 14-week study takes you through both 1 and 2 Peter.  You will learn various skills in studying the Bible as you work through the chapters such as–making good observations, word studies, and asking good questions.
  • 2 Timothy Inductive Study
  • This study includes space to make observations next to the text along with space to interpret, summarize, and make applications.
  • Galatians Inductive Study
  • A 13 week study that guides you through Bible study skills and provides space to write out observations, questions, summaries, and applicaitons.

Studies by Others

Grace Bible Church Inductive Studies (Right Click, Save link as…)

For more resources from Grace Bible Church go to:

Studies by The Discipleship Ministry

For more resources by The Discipleship Ministry go to

Studies by The Navigators

For more Navigator Resources go to


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