Discipleship Resources


The Discipleship Ministry

This is a system to help a new believer grow in the basics of the Christian life by doing interactive study of the topics and passages.

For more resources by The Discipleship Ministry go to   http://www.biblestudycd.com/.  You can see more of their Bible studies and order a CD full of excellent resources!

A Discipleship System

A topical system designed to help a new believer grow.  The studies are simple and user friendly.  I also recommend this system for a person who has English as a second language.

To view the lessons from Virtual Discipleship go to:


The Disciples For Life by The Navigators

This is a more in-depth approach to discipling a new believer based on the Topical Memory System topics.  It is very good for someone who is really digging in and needing a challenge!

For more resources on the Topical Memory System and Scripture Memory, click on:  Walking with God Resources.  These resources can also be ordered from Navpress.

Discipleship Strategy, Approaches, and Illustrations


2 thoughts on “Discipleship Resources

  1. Andrew,

    This discipleship curriculum is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I teach a small group of adults on Sunday mornings at my church. We started meeting on Wednesday nights earlier this year and have used that time for fellowship, discipleship, and inreach/outreach planning. I really want to do something more systematic with discipleship. May I have your permission to print this material and use it in our group? Thanks.

    • Absolutely! So happy that this is what you are looking for! I will pray that your small group will be encouraged, challenged, and blessed!

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