Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World

Love God, Love Ohers, Serve WorldThe mission statement of Parkview Church is to love God, love others, and serve the world.  I am excited to be a part of this type of church that has a clear and memorable mission statement that I can get behind.  We have been talking a lot about how exactly we accomplish the mission statement of Parkview.  Recently, we have been working on how the mission statement relates to the growth process of each Christian.  We believe that each person at our church can be loving God, loving others, and serving the world.  Of course, this looks different for each person as God has given each different talents, heart, and gifts.  So we decided to put together a basic chart of how the growth process of a Christian might relate to loving God, loving others, and serving the world.  We broke down the Christian life into three categories: new-believer, growing believer, and mature believer.  Then we asked the question, “How is a person in each category manifesting loving God, loving others, and serving the world?”  We came up with a list of 3-5 things for each category (new, growing, mature).  This was helpful to see as we are always looking to encourage each person to take the next step in his or her walk with God.  The process of growth connected with our mission!  Check out the fruit of our brainstorming session by viewing the chart below.

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