God’s Will for Your Life: Are you looking for a Mag Light?

I always tell people when they are trying to find God’s will for a specific step in their lives, “God will give you a low lit lantern to see the next step– though we often want a Mag Light to shine down the entire path!”  Trust in Him during each step.  The article below sums up what I am trying to say here nicely.
“A lamp to my feet” (119:105). The flickering light cast by the olive oil lamp of Bible times was only bright enough to show a traveler his next step. Scripture is such a lamp. It gives us just enough light to see where to place our feet so that we can walk safely into our future. The believer does not need a searchlight that casts light on coming weeks and years. All that is in God’s hand. We need only enough light to make sure that the next step we take is just and right.

Scripture Gives Trustworthy Light
* It contains God’s decrees (v. 1–8)

* It provides a standard by which we are to live (vv. 9–16)

* Its words are our counselors (vv. 17–24)

* It renews our lives (vv. 25–32)

* It gives us understanding of true values (vv. 33–40)

* It is true and trustworthy (vv. 41–48)

* It contains God’s promises to us (vv. 49–56)

* It shows how to live close to God (vv. 57–64)

* It keeps us happy despite the hostility of enemies (vv. 65–72)

* Its laws are righteous (vv. 73–80).

* It keeps our hearts blameless (vv. 81–88)

Richards, L. O. (1991). The Bible readers companion (electronic ed.) (376). Wheaton: Victor Books.

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