Truth from the Head to the Heart

How do we get what we know to be true to become a part of our lives?  Often we can have knowledge of what is true without corresponding action.  Usually I have a good knowledge of what is right in a given situation.  That is usually not the problem.  The problem comes when I know what I should do, but I don’t do it because the truth has not sunk into my heart. 

Psalm 37:31 says, “The law of his God is in his heart; his steps do not slip.”  This verse is about having God’s truth as a part of the head and the heart.  The reason why the person of God stays on the right path is because God’s word has become a part of the the heart.  The word of God has sunk so deeply into the person that it has become a part of the DNA of life.  There is a walking in the truth because God’s laws have taken root into the very core.  So how do I get from knowing the truth to also having it be a part of my heart?  I suggest three things briefly; supplication, meditation, and application.

Supplication is coming to God in prayer to ask him to reveal the truth of his word into the heart.  It is earnestly seeking God’s truth and then asking him to apply it to the soul.  Through prayer, the Spirit of God opens the our spirits to know and do his will.

Meditation is intentionally thinking over the truths of God’s word.  It is turning it around over and over in the mind so that the ideas become embedded into one’s very being.  This is a key to knowing and then doing the will of God.  Through meditating on a verse, God makes it come alive and we begin to know how we can make his word a part of who we are.

Application is making specific steps to intentionally walk in the truths of Scripture.  As one prays and meditates on the word, the Holy Spirit brings ideas on how it can be specifically fleshed out in day to day life.  Application is remembering to make goals and intentional actions based on truth.

To get truth from the head to the heart it takes a willingness to want to walk the right path so that God is glorified in our lives.  Pray.  Think.  Do.

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