Train Yourselves!


We are saved by grace and we continue the Christian life through grace.  God is the one who supplies grace for everything.  We often are quick to acknowledge that we are saved by grace–and we rejoice in this!  But all too often we can forget that our discipline in the Christian life is by grace as well.  Discipline that is godly comes from a heart that realizes that it is empowered by the awesome strength of God. 

Paul says, “Train yourselves to be godly.  For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” (1 Timothy 4:7-8).  Just as a weight lifter has a workout routine, so also we can have a spiritual routine in order to train ourselves to be godly.  The weight lifter does cardio, weights, and nutrient intake.  In the resource below, each category is broken down into goals you can make for each of these areas. 

 Some ideas for what you can do for your morning workout:

  • Bible reading
  • Prayer
  • Journaling
  • Scripture memory
  • Singing
  • Devotional reading

Some ideas for training throughout the day:

  • Meditate on a verse during down time
  • Pray in the car
  • Listen to a sermon when you work out
  • Talk over the word during meals

Some ideas for the evening routine:

  • Read a Psalm and pray over it
  • Pray over the praises from the day
  • Talk about what you are thankful for
  • Read a favorite devotional passage
  • Give God your anxieties

Ideas for weekly workouts:

  • Go on a prayer walk in a beautiful place
  • Have an extended time studying the Bible
  • Take a half-day to spend with God

These are just some ideas.  Use the following sheet to put down your goals and get someone to keep you encouraged and accountable.  Be creative and have fun with it!  And always remember why you are disciplining youself in godliness–for God’s glory through his infinite grace!

Spiritual Training Program

2 thoughts on “Train Yourselves!

  1. Andrew,

    War graduating from Seminary! CONGRATS! Let’s touch base sometime. It’d be great to hear from you. The blog is awesome man. It will help many people in their quest to know Jesus more!


    • Hey!! War lukewiest. Great to hear from you and thanks for the encouragement! I would love to touch base with you SOON. If you are still at the same phone number, I will call you sometime. Peace. -AH

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