Keeping Devotions Fresh

Devo coverHave you ever been stuck in a rut spiritually?  Have your devotions ever been inconsistent, rushed, or scattered?  Maybe you are there now.  All of us feel this way from time to time because walking with God takes time, encouragement, discipline, and lots of grace.  This is where it is important to pray that God would open our eyes and hearts to long to be with him so that he might capture our souls and hearts that we may grow and reach out in his name.

It is also important to have a plan and an encouragement partner or group.  Just being able to know that others are pulling for us is very motivating.  Writing things down to share with others is another way to keep things fresh.  Recently, our small group went around the circle to share prayer requests.  We found that many of us had the same request, consistency with personal devotions and prayer.  So we decided we would focus on our devotions for awhile, making goals and writing down what God is showing us.  Below is a sheet we put together.  We hope to fill out each week so we can be ready to share how our devotions went and how God spoke to us.  We hope it can be helpful for you as well!

Devotional Tracker: A Weekly Worksheet  (Download)

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