Oh no, not memorization!

OH NO!Often when the topic of memorization comes up in conversations, the gut response is, “Oh no!”  Have you ever been there?  You may know that it is important, but for one reason or another, it just is not happening.  l have told myself all the excuses, “I am not a good at Scripture memory” or “I don’t have time” or “I will just try and fail again.”  But I know that any excuse I come up is not a very good one.  Certainly there are times when life is just crazy and busy, but for the most part I know that there can be great rewards if I just make a good plan and, by God’s grace, stick to it. 

I often remind myself of a few of the amazing benefits of Scripture memory.  It helps me grow deeper in my relationship with God as he uses his word to speak to my soul.  The memorized Word becomes God’s powerful tool against temptation.  It adds depth to my prayers and praises.  It helps me follow God’s Spirit daily.  It gives fuel to my godward conversations in encouraging believers and reaching out.  The memorized Word of God also helps me meditate day and night as it gives good things for my mind to dwell on.  Wow!  Truly, for the time invested, it is the most profitable intake of Scripture.  God has used memorized Scripture in my life all over the place… in my conversations, in my devotions, in my prayers and thought life, in my tough circumstances.   I am always excited to help others in their Scripture memory journey because God has used his memorized Word in so many ways in my life.

Maybe you need a plan or system, or some encouragement, or an accountability partner.  Whatever you need to do, I would encourage action!  It will be well worth your time and effort in the long run.  Below are a few resources to help you in your Scripture memory journey.  Let me know if these help you!

Benefits of Scripture Memory

Procedure for Scripture Memory

Helpful Hints for Scripture Memory

For more resources to help with Scripture Memory, click the link below and scroll down.


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