The Twist in Zechariah

Zechariah is full of references to the character of God and abundant in prophecies of the Messiah.  Much of these Messianic prophecies are about how he will come, gather his people, defeat his enemies, and set up the New Jerusalem (Rev 21-22).  Yet there is a bit of a twist in these prophecies, Jeremiah also says that God will scatter the sheep and strike the Shepherd (Jesus).  This is why the Gospel writers pick up on this theme to describe how Jesus came to die for sins first… and he will come again to reign and rule later.

We also see a ton of references to the glorious character of God:

What we learn about God:

  1. Zealous for Zion (1:14)
  2. Comforts his people (1:17)
  3. Desires to dwell with his people (2:5-11)
  4. He is holy (2:13)
  5. Rebukes Satan—our Advocate and protector (3:2)
  6. Forgives sin (3:4)
  7. Spirit of power (4:6)
  8. Full of grace (4:7)
  9. Desires to get glory for the building of the Temple (6:15)
  10. Desires obedience (6:15)
  11. Jealous for his name (7:5-6)
  12. Turns his full wrath on sin and hard heartedness (7:12)
  13. Jealous for Zion and will restore its glory (8:3)
  14. God of truth and righteousness (8:7-8)
  15. Defends his people (9:15-16)
  16. Grants salvation (9:15-16)
  17. Promises to defeat enemies, gather people (10:4-7)
  18. Shepherd and redeemer of his people (10:6-7)
  19. Creator—made the heavens and earth, gave the spirit of life to men (12:1)
  20. Watches over his people (12:4)
  21. Saves those who call on his name (13:9)
  22. He is the only God (14:9)
  23. Does great things so the nations will see his glory (14:16)
  24. He is the King, the Lord of Hosts (14:16)
Here are my full notes from my talk on Zechariah.  I worked a ton on this, so I hope it can be helpful to you!

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