Who is Jesus?

Picture1Who is Jesus?  Over and over again we are bombarded with this question in the media.  It seems like there is always another book coming out that has discovered more ancient documents to tell us who he really was.  Or maybe there is another TV program advertised that will uncover his true identity.   But don’t be deceived!  The best and most accurate accounts of who Jesus is have been around for thousands of years.  The New Testament of the Bible has been proved historically accurate time and time again.  It has stood the test of time and criticism from generation to generation.  The New Testament documents, as far as accuracy in quality and quantity of manuscript evidence, wins hands down when compared to any other ancient document.  It isn’t even close. 

What I am saying is that The New Testament, specifically the four gospels, is the way to know who Jesus is and what he taught.  The focus of my latest Bible study is to ask and answer the question, “Who is Jesus and how do his followers live?”  If you desire to take 11 weeks or so to dig into these questions, this study is for you!  Download the study below and start digging into the book of Mark.  Use it for personal study.  Use it in your small group.  Or use it to explore the person of Jesus.  Enjoy!

Mark Study (Download PDF)

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