Fruit, Fruit Please…RETRACT!!

Fruit of the Spirit CoverWhat is true life change?  What are the characteristics of a life that is pleasing to God?  What does it mean to walk with God in everyday life?  These are just a few questions that my Bible study on the Fruit of the Spirit will explore.  This 13-week Bible study is designed for individual study or small group discussions.  When you dig into this study, you will learn about each aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit.  There are also weeks designed to study key passages in the Bible that address life change.  Each study features a section to dig into the Bible for yourself and apply it to your life.  I have also included a section each week to study the topic further along with a Scripture memory verse.  So check it out, download it, use it in your small group, and dig into the life changing power of God’s Word!

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