Singleness Resources

In the Fall of 2022, Sarah and I led two singleness conferences. We did one online and one in person and they went great. We received a ton of positive feedback. Perhaps we will do more conferences in the future or turn the material into a book. We shall see!

After the conferences, I sent everyone a list of my favorite resources on the topic of singleness available online. I am sharing them with you all now. Hope they are helpful to you!


A Theology of Singleness – Tim Keller

What the Bible Really Says About Singleness – Barry Danylak 

Receiving Singleness as a Gift – Sam Allberry

How to: Have a Biblical View of Singleness – Christopher Yuan

Single in Christ – John Piper

A Conference on Singleness – Redeemer Church


A Biblical Theology of Singleness – Charles Hedman, CHBC

Secret Church Podcast, Singleness – David Platt

Articles on Singleness

Articles on, “What is the gift of singleness?”

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