Four Positives of Singleness

This past weekend, my wife Sarah and I spoke at a conference on ten lies about purity and relationships. It can be tempting to view singleness as something bad, something that is terrible. We combatted that sentiment with biblical truth. Here are four points from the talk.

Singleness is not a holding pattern as people wait for their life to get started when they get married. Singleness is actually a wonderful time to focus on your relationship with God and dedicate your life to serving Him. 1 Corinthians 7 talks about how singleness is very positive. If you walk through the passage you learn four things,

  • Verse 7 explains that singleness is a “gift” from God.
  • Verses 8, 26 talk about how singleness is something very “good.”
  • Verse 17 calls singleness a “calling,” so it’s a special assignment from the Lord.
  • And verse 36 explains that singleness has great purpose, a time of “undivided devotion to the Lord.”

So, wow, singleness is a gift, it’s good, it’s a calling, and it is full of purpose!

2 thoughts on “Four Positives of Singleness

  1. Andrew-

    I’m thankful for how God is using you and your wife to minister to singles!

    Is there a recording or more notes you can share?


    div>Our daughter, a senior

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