Session 3, The Holy Spirit and Leadership

Growth Projects – work on these until your next cohort meeting.

Resources from the Sunday morning session, 1) Session Handout 2) Leverage His Gifts (slides)

Head – Understanding the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

  • Read Scripture –  Scan John 14-16, Romans 8, 1 Corinthians 12, and Galatians 5. What do these passages teach on the Holy Spirit? How should we live in relationship to Him?
  • Read –  The Holy Spirit  Gospel Coalition booklet by Kevin DeYoung.
  • Write – A summary paragraph explaining the person and work of the Spirit.

Heart – Relying on the Holy Spirit

Hands – Discovering and Using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Take a gifts survey – if you have never done so, take this Spiritual Gifts Test.
  • Read – Review the list of gifts on first two pages of the above survey and read this Spiritual Gifts Descriptions document. Write out your responses to the questions on the last page.
  • Discuss – your results from the survey/test with your cohort. Also discuss the questions together from the last page of the Spiritual Gifts Descriptions document.
  • Write – how you will apply the ideas in the head, heart, and hands section to your life, ministry, and leadership.


For Further Study (optional)