Prayer Walking

The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Prayer HandsPrayer walks have been a great way for me to draw near to God–either solo or with others.  Something about getting moving and getting in nature draws out a prayerful spirit within me.  Last night our small group decided to do a prayer walk.  We went out two by two and walked around the park.  It was great to lift up our praises and prayer requests for one another as we walked.

Sometimes I like to go to the trails out by Coralville Lake.  This is where I really feel alive in prayer.  The beauty of the birds, trees, water, and cool breeze causes me to reflect on the power and creativity of God.  Often I will bring a stack of Scripture cards to meditate on as I walk.  Sometimes I bring my MP3 player and listen to worship songs as I walk.  Other people like to bring their bibles, journals, or praise books.  Do whatever draws you into a spirit of worship and prayer!  Below is a very helpful guide to prayerwalking.  It gives great ideas on the different kinds of things you can do as you seek the Lord in prayer.  Enjoy!

Prayer Walk Guide

Check out some Bible studies on prayer (under “Topical”).    Click  HERE

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